SL150 - 4.1 X 5.9 in. - (105 X 150MM)

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BETA Shell™ Series Super-Light - Model 150SL

Our super-light weight semi-rigid BETA Shell™ Case.
Our SL Series = Packable & light-weight effective protection for your gear.
Ideal for equipment requiring good protection, yet very low overall carry weight.

For equipment with maximum external diameter of 4.1 inches or less & length 5.9 inches (dia. of 105mm or less & length of 120 - 150mm).

>Super-light weight & portable design
>Semi-rigid & cylindrical PET / HDPE
>Impact resistant & crush resistant
>Highly water-resistant
>Easy open/close wide mouth lid
>Includes X-Design Foam Liner
>Largest int. volume relative to ext. size

Protection Rating: B
Durability Rating: B
Pack Ability Rating: C
Weight Rating: A -

Ideal activity-
Fast & Light adventure photography
Extended backpacking
Everyday travel / transport

Ideal gear-

Compact photo & video lenses
Very wide photo & video lenses
Compact SLR camera bodies
Compact cameras
Any type of sensitive compact gear