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Our BETA Shell Cases Explained

Our Line up - 5C / 5 / 6 / SL / RLP

All-New Series 6 - Professional. Protection.

Series 6 in 60 seconds

Series 6 CORE

the ideal hard range case

Series 6

Ideal for large optics

Series 5C

Ideal for compact optics


"Sometimes we need a little extra security. That's why we like the Beta Shell lens keep your best lenses safe and sound even if, perish the thought, you're forced to stow them with the luggage under the plane."

Photo District News , 2011

"If you want to protect your lenses from extreme conditions, this ticks all the boxes - Overall Rating 5/5"

Digital Photo Magazine - Jan. 2013 Issue 163, Gear Focus

"Overall the Beta Shell 5 case offers extreme rugged protection against all elements at a somewhat affordable price with great quality construction and user friendliness. For what it's worth, we can highly recommend the Beta Shell 5 series of cases to anyone thinking about purchasing them for their next wild shooting adventure."

Gadget Mac, 2012

"The rundown of the Beta Shell's specs are full of brawniness—steel screws, adhesive-blocked seams, neoprene and visco-elastic impact foam—the point being that you can drop this sucker, have it rained on, and maybe have a wolf take a chomp at it, and the delicate lens inside will stand a decent chance of survival.", 2010