We manufacture 5 series with 25 different BETA Shell™ sizes to fit a wide array of applications. Each model name is descriptive of overall internal size.

As an example -

5.220 - 95X230mm

This is our Series 5 case. It has a fixed internal diameter of 95mm and internal length of 230mm - The model name is 5.220.

If you gear is less than 95mm in overall external diameter it will fit in this Series of case. If your gear is more than 95mm in overall external diameter, then look at Series 6 cases.

If your gear is less than 230mm in overall length it will fit in this Model 5.220. If your gear is greater than 230mm, then go to the next Series 5 size - i.e. 5.260.



Determining External Diameter and Overall Length

With Diameter and Length of Gear determined, click on fit chart below to find the right size case - if you have questions on sizing please email us -


Product Map - Price vs Size