Wine Baby™ Travel Companion

Wine Baby™ is a spill-proof and virtually unbreakable travel case for your favorite bottle of wine. Travel in total confidence - no broken wine bottles and zero chance of spills. Our patented zero-spill design not only protects your wine bottle, but most importantly everything around it. Your chances of arriving with spilled wine are now zero.

Top 5 Questions answered!

Q – Why are Wine Baby™ cases “better” than other wine travel cases out there?

A - Wine Baby™ not only protects your wine, but most importantly every thing around your wine bottle. Breaking a $100 dollar bottle of wine is tragic, but trying to get 750ml of wine out of your wardrobe or car trunk is an entirely different matter. Wine Baby™ cases are designed to be used and reused, yet remain absolutely spill-proof and functional.

Ideal for traveling with a new bottle or a re-corked bottle!


Q – How is Wine Baby™ spill-proof? 

A - Wine Baby™ cases have a patented commercial grade closing design that provides an air-tight seal when closed. Our standard spill-proof test is five sequential drops onto solid concrete from 5 feet with zero bottle breaks and zero spilled wine. Our advanced drop test is 3 sequential drops onto solid concrete from 10 feet with zero wine spilled outside of the case - even if the bottle shatters inside the case.

Travel with total confidence.


Q – How is Wine Baby™ unbreakable?

A - Wine Baby™ cases are made from virgin ABS plastic. ABS plastic will not shatter or crack and can withstand tremendous impact. The cylindrical & rigid design is incredibly strong and can withstand a distributed load of over 1000 lbs laterally and much more in the axial direction. Simply speaking, you could run over a Wine Baby™ with your car and it would remain intact.

Tough and durable.


Q – I just finished my bottle of wine, what can I do with my Wine Baby™ now?

A - Reuse it! Our Wine Baby™ cases are ideal for bringing wine home as well as taking wine to a friend. Our Wine Baby™ cases are lightweight so they don’t weigh down your suitcase. And remember, our Wine Baby™ cases are crush-proof & water-proof so putting that delicate souvenir into it might be a great option for the trip back home.

Travel with versatility.


Q – Can I clean my Wine Baby™?

A - Yes! Simply, remove the Neoprene liner & foam fitting disks and rinse out the entire case with warm water and mild dish soap. Leave the case open and it air dry out. The Neoprene liner can be machine washed and air dried.

Made for a lifetime of use.


Wine Baby™ is designed and manufactured exclusively by BETA Shell™ protective cases specifically for the fine wine enthusiast. Click here to learn more about the BETA Shell™ story.


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