Customer Story -


Customer request -

Build a custom BETA Shell™ case for a Takahashi FSQ-106N telescope for travel from Mexico to Vicuña Chile for lunar eclipse.


Equipment Used -

Losmandy GM8 mount (tracking the sky), Custom Case BETA Shell™ for Takahashi FSQ-106N telescope (main lens equipment) with Extender-Q 1.6X (for wide angle solar corona), Baader 10mm AstroSolar ASTF, Canon Rebel XSi modificated,Celestron C5+, powermate 4X (this scope for protuberances), Baader 120mm AstroSolar ASTF and Canon Rebel XT. Mount and main camera powered with Dynamo Pro. Almost everything bought in OPT.


Customer Review –

"Dear BETA Shell™ -

First of all I want to thank you for the sale of my custom Betashell case, which served a lot to transport my wonderful Takahashi FSQ-106N fluorite telescope to the past total sun eclipse of July 2 to Vicuña Chile and whose images attached to this email.

I briefly tell you that the hobby of my family is astronomy and mainly the solar and lunar eclipses, in addition to astrophotography in general. This total eclipse was the number 5 in the life of my wife and mine, after Mexico 1991, Aruba 1998, France 1999 and Zambia 2001. For this eclipse I prepared it with a lot of time in advance and I took my children to their first eclipse and that he had to be worth remembering all his life.

We saw the eclipse on July 2 at the Puclaro dam in Vicuña, Chile, having blue skies as I did not see long ago and framed in the clear waters of the dam. The telescope did not suffer any scratch despite having some falls at the airport and plane, whose purpose was met with Betashell. Some friends of mine who came from the Canary Islands of Spain, asked me about the case and I referred them to you so that you could help them in the customization of their telescope cases.

Thank you very much for your help. Here are some photos or our journey."


Angel Llanas and family